QA4EO - GeoAcca

Feasibility Study for Geolocation Assessment of Medium Resolution Optical Sensors

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EO satellite data like AATSR, MERIS and the Sentinel optical sensors are used to generate global time-series data products on various geophysical parameters that are used by the Earth Science community. Accurate geo-location is one of the fundamental requirements for Earth observation satellite imagery to be suitable for many applications, in particular to generate temporal composites of EO satellite products, to support change detection and to retrieve bio-geophysical parameters over heterogeneous land surfaces.
Therefore there is a need to assess and monitor the geolocation accuracy and precision of these measurements for scientific algorithms of existing and upcoming missions dealing with small scale land and atmospheric processes.

The ESA QA4EO project "Feasibility Study for Geolocation Assessment of Optical Sensors" aims to the development of a software tool for the assessment of the geo-location accuracy of moderate to high resolution satellite sensors following principles outlined by the GEO/CEOS Quality Assurance framework for Earth Observation (QA4EO).


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Dr. Thomas Nagler Dr. Bojan Bojkov
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